If you have a square or a rectangle room with carpet that you want to replace with 100% waterproof vinyl planks, you might be eligible for our “$999 carpet to vinyl plank flooring” fixed-price package.

About the package

Package cost: $999+tax.

It includes:

  • labor (material delivery, furniture moving (up to 3 pcs), carpet removal, subfloor leveling, vinyl plank flooring installation, quarter round installation, transition installation, trash disposing of)
  • materials (vinyl plank flooring, vinyl quarter round base(white), matching color transitions)

The job is done in one day.


To quality your project need to feet a couple of criterias:

  • the room must have a square or rectangle shape
  • it should be a living room or a bedroom
  • room area – up to 150 sq ft
  • have no more than 2 exits/entrances (up to 3 feet each)
  • not have a sliding door

Package deal does not include:

  • flooring installation on steps
  • removing/replacing the toilet
  • removing/replacing appliances
  • moving personal belongings.

Material details

The flooring in included in the price. Here are specifications of the flooring that will be use:

  • color: Edwards Oak
  • 100% waterproof
  • scratch, stain, and slip-resistant
  • underlayment attached
  • 4.4 mm thickness
  • 6 mil wear layer
  • plank size: 4.4 mm thickness x 5.98 in. width x 36.02 in. length

Baseboards (quarter rounds) are included in the price as well. Here are specifications of the quarter rounds:

  • color: white
  • size 5/8″ x 5/8″ x 8′
  • material – vinyl
  • 100% waterproof


If your project qualifies, we require:

  • 100% prepayment 48 hours before the job starts
  • the job must start not later than am
  • the job site must be ready for the installation