Best Flooring Honolulu is Oahu based flooring company. It was founded in 2015 and successfully operating ever since. We do our business as:

  • flooring store
    • showroom available
    • free samples
    • free delivery
    • over 15 colors
    • all flooring in-stock
  • flooring installer
    • licensed, bonded & insured
    • 50 years of cumulative experience
    • 1-year warranty on all our jobs
    • we offer free flooring estimate

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Installing a quality floor might not be such an easy task as you think. But not for the Best Flooring Honolulu company! We have been serving the customers since 2015 and we have completed various commercial and residential projects. Best Flooring Honolulu is pleased to offer our services in installing vinyl and laminate flooring. You could also check out our online store, we offer a plethora of various plank floorings.

Our Services

Installing quality flooring is one of the most important stages of building or repairing the house/apartment. If you use quality materials and install the flooring correctly, then it will serve you for a long period. The Best Flooring Honolulu company has a great reputation and offers the best floor installment services you can find in Honolulu or Oahu.

Depending on the needs of our customers, we offer the following types of floor installations:

If you have already done all the preparations before installing the floors (such as getting rid of all the bumps and pits on the base floor) and you just need to buy a certain type of flooring, you might check out our store. We offer various types of flooring for every budget. You could buy luxury flooring for your apartment or house, but we also offer floorings for commercial purposes.

If you need help from professionals, Best Flooring Honolulu offers floor installation services. Here is what you can get:

  • Leveling floor.
  • Removing the old floor.
  • Installation transition strips (between different types of floors).
  • Trim and baseboard installation.
  • Installation of quarter rounds.

The process of installing flooring is easy, but the preparations might be too difficult for non-professionals. Either you had wooden floors or carpet installed before, you need to remove it. The removal process takes some time and effort, and you need special tools depending on the type of floor you had before.

Upon completing floor removal, the next most important stage is to level the floor. You need a special tool (for example, a bubble level), to check the level of the floor. If the base floor has bumps or holes, you need to even out the floor so it will be perfect. And only when all the preparations are complete, you can install the floor. Seems like a difficult task, right? Yes, but not for Best Flooring Honolulu. Rest assured, you will get the best services. You can check out some of our engineered projects on the website. You can see several completed projects at homes of our customers, as well as some completed commercial projects, such as at warehouses or offices.


Our company offers good quality services for installing flooring. We have reasonable prices for each type of flooring. Here are our prices for square foot:

  • Laminate or vinyl – $1.99.
  • Carpet tile installation – $1.99.
  • Hardwood floor installation – $3.99.

The costs mentioned above include just flooring installation of a chosen material. Installing wood floors costs more than installing other types of floors. You should also note that we offer other types of services related to floor installation:

  • Removal of the former floor – the price depends on the material (carpet, tiles, vinyl, etc.).
  • Leveling the floor – $100 for every 25 pounds of special leveling compound.
  • Installing the transitions – $1.99 per linear feet.
  • Installing the quarter rounds – $1.99 per linear feet.
  • Baseboard (without painting) and trim installation – $1.99 per linear feet.

Our company offers the best customer experience for all our clients.

Our advantages

When customers are using our services, this is what they get:

  • A warranty for all our works.
  • Perfect floors for reasonable prices.
  • Great quality of installed floors.
  • A job is done on time.
  • When buying materials in our shop, they are always of the highest quality.

We always take one project at a time to fully focus on a customer. You are number 1 for us, and we make sure the job is done perfectly. Please, fill in the standard form so we can contact you whenever it is convenient for you. Upon filling in the form, you get a free floor estimation to have an understanding of how much our services will cost.

What flooring installation services Best Flooring Honolulu offers?

There are four primary types:

  1. Laminate flooring installation
  2. Vinyl plank flooring installation
  3. Hardwood flooring installation
  4. Carpet tile installation
  5. Bamboo flooring installation

We also provide services that support flooring installation:

  1. Flooring removal
  2. Floor leveling
  3. Transition installation
  4. Quarter round installation
  5. Trim installation
  6. Baseboard installation

Best Flooring Honolulu Flooring installation cost?

Please check out our basic flooring installation cost.

  1. Cost to install laminate flooring – $1.99 sq ft 
  2. Cost to install vinyl plank flooring – $1.99 sq ft
  3. Cost to install hardwood floors – $3.99 sq ft
  4. Cost to install carpet tiles – $1.99 sq ft

Please note prices above include flooring installation estimate only. We’re also happy to offer:

  1. Flooring removal cost – estimate dependent on material
  2. Floor leveling – $100 per 25 lbs bag of leveling compound
  3. Transition installation cost – $1.99 ln ft
  4. Quarter round installation cost – $1.99 ln ft
  5. Trim installation cost – $1.99 ln ft
  6. Baseboard installation (w/o painting) – $1.99 ln ft

What experience does Best Flooring Honolulu have?

Our primary squad consists of two installers with over 20 years of combined flooring installation and sales experience. Also, we have a back-up team of four craftsmen for commercial or urgent jobs.

We’re proud to have successfully complete projects ranging in size and complexity. Our smallest job was restoring a 100 sq ft condo floor in Waikiki, and our biggest job was a 10,000 sq ft multi-level hospital floor. Interested? Please visit our contact page.

Why choose Best Flooring Honolulu?

best flooring honolulu
  1. We offer warranties on all our jobs
  2. We start and finish on time
  3. Our pricing is transparent

Why buy flooring from Best Flooring Honolulu?

  1. We are locally owned
  2. The quality of our flooring is better if to compare to those available on the market
  3. Our prices are much more competitive than in local stores or construction supermarkets
  4. We deliver our products to your job site for free* and on time

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What makes Best Flooring Honolulu outstanding?

  1. We specialize in one type of flooring – click-in planks. 
  2. We take one project at a time. This enables us to finish on time. Because your job is our #1 priority.

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