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Selecting the Best Laminate Flooring for Your Home

There are several people who appreciate hassle-free decision-making, focusing on the aesthetics of the floor. With laminated flooring, the key to success seems straightforward. Resembling hardwood surfaces, it blends in with the room’s decor without difficulty. However, choosing between hand-scraped, high-gloss, or mirror finishes isn’t enough. It is better to get a deeper insight into the functionality of such surfaces to avoid beginner mistakes.

With professional third parties like Best Flooring Honolulu, you will be able to see an amazing palette of designs and styles in a new light. Stay tuned for more!

How to Pick up Laminate Floor Color

In a nutshell, dark tones refer to cozier interior designs, while light alternatives are preferred to make a small room visually larger and brighter. A lot depends on furniture and decor in the target installation location. Here are some pointers for beginners:

  • Grey and black will come in handy for customers, dreaming about a minimalist chic or a contemporary appeal of their space.
  • Choose a bleached or similarly light tone of the laminate floor to create a coastal design with an unprecedented vibe.
  • Cherry wood shouldn’t be underestimated either. It gives a unique traditional atmosphere to the room, adding more richness and glamor to it.

Play with different colors of laminate to see what impression you like the most. That’s where it is a must to focus on your own preferences rather than fashion tips on the internet.

What About Laminate Floor Direction

This parameter is typically overlooked, but the orientation of panels in reference to the walls may be predetermined by the room itself. You can stick to this rule of thumb to get a kickstart on the project — check the light source (windows, artificial ones, etc.) and align laminate floor blocks parallel to them. You can also consider the following:

  • One of the alignment methods is to stick to the long side of the area, which is also known as the longitudinal manner.
  • You can go the opposite way and prefer the transverse direction with the focus on the room’s short side.
  • Customers are welcome to install a mosaic out of chosen panels and show off their creativity.

No matter what, installing this type of material requires a lot of labor and attention. If you want to be satisfied with the obtained result, it is better to check all the available options and compare them in advance.

Is Flooring Thickness Important?

It won’t be a mistake to state that the thicker, the better. This parameter defines how many and what scale of advantages you will get as a customer. Since the thickness of the surface isn’t achieved randomly, it means the material contains several protection layers that drastically increase its strength, resistance, and durability. For instance, aside from the primary layer, you get the top wear sheet made of aluminum particles. The latter is aimed at reducing the risk of scuffing and scratching.

Thicker planks have a positive impact on the overall view of the material. You will be able to notice more details and go for intricate styles without compromising their quality. On the other hand, such solutions can also conceal subfloor flaws more efficiently. The only problem is that products of 12 millimeters thick are rather expensive. So you have to remember about your budget and make a corresponding decision.

Where to Order Laminate Flooring Honolulu

Last but not least, the reputation of the manufacturer isn’t less important than the store’s prestige itself. Don’t skip the stage of reading customer reviews. The latter helps a lot when it comes to distinguishing really professional and client-friendly shops from overly advertised places. By choosing service providers like Best Flooring Honolulu, you ensure secure installation, comprehensive warranty, and maximum satisfaction from an exclusive “laminate wood flooring near me” merchant.


What do the numbers on the back of laminate flooring mean?

The numbers on the back of laminate flooring typically indicate important information about the product, including its specifications, production details, and often its batch or lot number. These numbers are used for tracking and quality control purposes by the manufacturer.

Does laminate flooring increase home value?

Yes, laminate flooring can increase home value by improving aesthetics, offering durability and low maintenance, providing versatility in design, and being a cost-effective flooring option. However, its impact on value depends on various factors like quality and local market trends.

Can laminate flooring be reused?

Laminate flooring is typically not designed to be reused once it has been installed. Attempting to remove and reinstall laminate flooring can damage the planks or the locking system, making it challenging to achieve a proper fit and appearance. If you need to replace or upgrade your flooring, it's usually more practical to install new laminate or other flooring materials rather than attempting to reuse the existing laminate.