The Best Flooring Honolulu company offers services related to flooring. We have an online store with a great plethora of choices to choose from. One of the most popular choices is the vinyl flooring. It looks just like hardwood, but cheaper. If you want to replace your old flooring with new, modern-looking vinyl flooring, then you came to the right place. Best Flooring Honolulu will install a perfect floor in no time!

Vinyl flooring

There are plenty of materials on the market that look like wood, but in fact, are not. Vinyl flooring looks amazing, it is modern, you can find different colors and wooden patterns, and it looks like hardwood. It is relatively cheap if you compare buying vinyl flooring to buying hardwood.

Even when it comes to installing vinyl flooring, Best Flooring Honolulu offers lower prices compared to installing hardwood floors. Vinyl comes in tiles or sheets, and to install vinyl you need a special adhesive. Some vinyl planks (tiles) already have adhesive on the back of the material so it is even easier to install the floors.

Here are some advantages of purchasing vinyl at Best Flooring Honolulu online store:

  • we offer long-lasting materials;
  • the cost is low, sometimes even cheaper than concrete floors;
  • it handles the humidity;
  • easy clearance (with chemicals, mechanic cleaning, etc.);
  • easy to remove and replace the damaged tiles without replacing the whole flooring;
  • huge variety of colors and wooden patterns;
  • installation takes less time and effort;
  • resistant to water and some other substances;
  • softer to the touch;
  • it’s hard to distinguish vinyl from hardwood.

Installing vinyl floors is a great idea to fit your budget and to gain a long-lasting solution. Best Flooring Honolulu offers nice prices for customers who want to purchase vinyl tiles or sheets in our online store. You will find a huge variety of colors, styles, and patterns. Rest assured, your floor will look like it was made of real wood. It’s a cost-efficient option that will fit your budget. Even the installation of the flooring is cheap. You could contact us by filling in the standard form and we will install a perfect floor in your house or any commercial building. You could also contact us to get free of charge floor estimation to find out how much materials do you need, how much the installation process will cost, and other details.

Costs of vinyl flooring

You could check out our finished projects on the website to see how our work looks like. The cost of installing vinyl floors depends on different factors such as the initial floor condition. For example, if you have a perfectly even base floor and you just want vinyl flooring to be installed, then it will cost less. Here are some of our prices per square feet:

  • Installing vinyl tiles – $1,99.
  • Installing the baseboards (less than 3 inches) – $1,99, baseboards (more than 3 inches) – $2,99 per linear feet
  • Installing quarter rounds – $1,99 per linear feet.
  • Installing transitions between different types of floorings – $3,99 per linear feet.
  • Caulking baseboards – $0,49 per linear feet.
  • Removing the former carpet – $0,35.
  • leveling the base floor – $0,99.
  • Dumping the old floor – $0,33.
  • Removing old toilet/installing the new one – $75 pcs.

To learn prices depending on your situation, fill in the form, and get the free floor evaluation.

Vinyl planks installation (underlayment included)sq ft$1.99
Quarter round installationln ft$1.99
Baseboard installation (up to 3-inch)ln ft$1.99
Baseboard installation (over 3-inch)ln ft$2.99
Baseboards caulkingln ft$0.49
Carpet removalsq ft$0.35
Sub floor levelingsq ft$0.99
Old flooring dumpingsq ft$0.33
Toilet removal & installationpcs$75
Transition installationln ft$3.99
Vinyl plank flooring installation prices, update July 2020


Best Flooring Honolulu company offers better conditions to certain groups of people. That way the cost of installing the floor will be even lower. Here are the discounts we can offer:

  • 5% discount to active military;
  • if you have a project over 5.000 square feet (the discount will depend on the condition of the floor, materials, other factors).

You could call us or contact us via the form to learn more about discounts and the cost of our work.

How to contact us?

You can check out our “Contacts” section to choose the most convenient way. You can call us, we work during business days and hours. Or you could fill in the application form and we will call you back as soon as possible.