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Our experienced flooring consultant will help you to choose:

  • the right flooring for your project;
  • the color you will love
  • the proper transitions for the flooring;
  • the appropriate baseboards

You will be offered samples of the flooring you like free of charge.

Notice! No walk-ins, our showroom works by appointment only.

Why visit our flooring showroom?

flooring showroom

The Best Flooring Honolulu company values its customers and is trying to make the experience of each consumer as positive as possible.

If you are a busy person but you want to replace floors in your home or a commercial building, you can set up a flooring showroom appointment and we will show the examples of our materials.

What do we offer?

Best Flooring Honolulu is working with projects of different types. For example, with residential projects. if you need a flooring replacement in your house. Or with commercial projects, for instance, if you want us to install floorings in commercial buildings such as a warehouse, office, etc.

Best Flooring Honolulu also has a great online store where you could purchase different types of floorings. For example, these are the materials that we offer:

  • hardwood;
  • vinyl or laminate;
  • bamboo flooring;
  • carpet tiles.

One of the most popular choices among customers is vinyl or laminate. Both materials are cheaper than hardwood and at the same time, they look exactly like wood. Most people won’t even know the difference, but your budget will win. Laminate and vinyl come in different colors, patterns, and even textures.

We are selling vinyl flooring in tiles or sheets. Vinyl is softer to the touch than hardwood or laminate. It’s warmer when you step on it with bare feet. It is resilient to different types of destruction and it is a suitable choice in places with high humidity.

But the most valuable advantage of vinyl is that it is cheap. It’s a modern solution that looks extremely attractive and at the same time, it won’t “eat” all your budget. And it’s easy to install vinyl flooring. Usually, a special adhesive should be used, but sometimes this adhesive is put on the back of the vinyl tile.

As for laminate, it is another great choice that looks like hardwood. It even has the same texture and it’s extremely pleasant to walk on such flooring with bare feet. As for patterns, there are lots of different options. You can choose from any color you like.

If you are ready to make a choice, you can set an appointment to see what materials you can buy. You can always use our online store and add planks to your cart without checking out how they look. But a lot of customers prefer to see what they are about to purchase. To meet our customers’ needs, we have come up with the idea of flooring showrooms. Below you can learn more about showrooms, how the appointment works, and why it’s more beneficial than simply buying online.

How to set a flooring showroom appointment?

The Best Flooring Honolulu company has three flooring showrooms on the Honolulu island. We have come up with an appointment system to save the time of our customers. You just pick the most suitable time, then the address of a showroom, and you can visit us to see the example of the materials we have.

But why is it better to visit a Best Flooring Honolulu flooring showroom instead of simply purchasing the materials at our online shop? Here are several reasons:

  • You can see the collections when you have free time.
  • You can touch the material and see how the color looks in reality.
  • It’s more convenient since you don’t have to wait for a manager to dedicate time.

The color on a webpage might look different in reality. Flooring showrooms will help you avoid buying the wrong color. You can set an appointment when you are free and it’s convenient for you, and you won’t have to stand in a queue.

How does fooring showroom appointment work?

You can fill in the standard form on our website. It requires only such information as your first and last name, email, phone number, and a short message where you tell that you want to have a showroom appointment. Our manager will call you back and you can set an appointment at a certain showroom. We work during business days and business hours, and the details could be discussed with our managers.