Gray vinyl plank flooring

Gray vinyl plank flooring is one of the most demanded colors. The primary reason for this is a trend. Also, its grey color ability to highlight the beauty of other colors. For example, when you have brown cabinets, the light gray vinyl plank flooring will create a beautiful contrast. Not to mention, that the lighter the color, the wider space visually appears.

There are practical sides to having a grey color flooring. First of all, it’s easier to maintain. Because, it doesn’t show stains and dust. While brown colors shows any debris the appears on the surface. Same goes for the scratches or any damage that appears on the floor. Gray color has the ability to hide those imperfections.

One of the most popular grey vinyl plank flooring on the market if Sterling Oak by LifeProof. Some people live it, some people hate. Those who hate, they say that:

  • it has to many nuts in the patters
  • it brown notes in it
  • the pattern repeats to often

I do agree that this flooring has its pros and cons. The most important thing for me, as a buyer, is the wear layer of the flooring and the price. At both, in my personal opinion, Silver Oak is weak. The wear layer is only 6 MIL, which is very small compared to options available on the market. And in the same time, the price is $3.19 per square foot. At this price range you can easily buy 20 MIL vinyl plank flooring, and due to the competitiveness of the market even 30 MIL.

Gray vinyl plank flooring alternatives

gray vinyl plank flooring

One of my favorite colors is Siler Oak by H&C, which by the way, we currently have in stock. It has some beige and brown tones in it, which gives it a perfect combination of what I like. Or, if I want to go full gray mode, I would choose Classical Pine. But to understand the pattern, you need to see the flooring in full size. Schedule a flooring showroom appointment to take look at it yourself!

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