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#2 Laminate flooring installation: replacing old glue down vinyl tile

laminate flooring installation

We received a call from a customer who wanted laminate flooring installation. He was planning to sell his house in Aiea, but he couldn’t list it yet, because his floor was loose and sticky. He decided to replace it with laminate and hired us. The job was over 350 sq ft, it was done in one day. Here is how this happened.

Before the laminate flooring installation was done

Unfortunately I don’t have photos of flooring before we started, but you can trust me, it looked ugly. Here are some photos, after we removed vinyl tiles.

After laminate flooring installation was over

Here is how the same place was looking after we finished doing our job

It’s interesting to see how the light is changing the color of the flooring, depending from which angle the photo is made. But in any case, the difference is pretty noticeable. Now let’s dig deeper in what was done, and take a look at before /after photos.

Laminate flooring installation – a full list of what was done

In my personal opinion, removing old flooring was the hardest part. First of all it was super sticky. Secondly, it was hard to remove.

We started moving the furniture, as you can see in the picture, there were a sofa and a cabinet. Next we started to rip off existing vinyl tiles. After we were done, we used adhesive remover to take out glue from the wooden sub-floor.

On the next floor we leveled the floor using feather finish and primer. And finally we starter to install flooring. After the floor was done we installed 3-inch baseboards, reducer in the kitchen and toiler, end cap near the sliding door, stair nose on the stairs. Take a look on the before and after photos.

As far as I know the house was sold the same week, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of the flooring :).

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How do you like our work? Do you like the color? Do you prefer laminate or vinyl planks? Let me know in the comments below, I will answer all comments.

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