Viloor Mocha Hickory 1603 Vinyl Plank Flooring


Covers 23.32 sq ft

Viloor Mocha Hickory flooring in Mocha Hickory combines a touch of classic wood grain design with a smooth, colorful plank overtones that blend into one another. One of our most original offerings.


Creating a cozy and inviting home starts with the flooring. With a rich, dark wood floor, you instantly create an atmosphere of warmth from the ground up. With this Viloor Mocha Hickory 1603 Vinyl Plank Flooring, you can enjoy the appearance of wood flooring without paying exorbitant prices and without all of the maintenance and special cleaning tools that wood needs to stay looking its best. Instead, you can opt for this wood grain vinyl plank flooring system that exudes plenty of classic charm in a way that looks totally natural and authentic due to the slightly varying shapes that blend well into one another for a natural look.

  • Flooring plank thickness – 7.5 mm
  • Wear layer thickness – 20 mil
  • 100% waterproof
  • Residential warranty – 20 years
  • Soundproof level – 72 IIC

Ultra-long lasting and strong, this Viloor Mocha Hickory 1603 Vinyl Plank Flooring is built to outlast many years to come without taking on any damage or showing signs of wear. The high-quality vinyl composition of the hickory plank flooring is resistant to wear even in high traffic areas, ensuring no worn down or faded spots appear. Because of this, it is particularly beneficial when installed in homes with children and pets who like to run and play. Thanks to its sound-reducing nature, it also absorbs some of the sounds of the footfall to make the home a quieter and more pleasant space to be. The vinyl planks are built to a 5.5-millimeter thickness and are 100 percent waterproof, adding yet another facet of durability to the flooring project.

In every package are 10 planks each measuring seven inches in width for a total of 23.32 square feet of the floor for each box purchased. The planks have a one-of-a-kind click-in installation method that will allow you to simply press them into place as you go along, making the installation process of the vinyl flooring much swifter and more efficient than installing a traditional wood floor – with the durability wood simply cannot offer.

Additional information

Underlayment thickness

2 mm

Installation type




Commercial warranty

10 years

Plank width

7 inch

Planks in the box

10 planks

Residential warranty

20 years


IIC 72

Sq ft in the box

23.32 sq ft

Plank thickness

5.5 mm


100% waterproof

Wear layer

20 mil


Mocha Hickory


Viloor Flooring

Wood Type




Total plank thickness

7.0 mm


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