Viloor Wood Veneer 1001 Vinyl Plank Flooring


$2.79/sq. ft. Covers 16.40 sq ft

Viloor Wood Veneer flooring in Wood Veneer is both affordable and elegant. A popular and timeless design, this is a client favorite.

  • 100% waterproof
  • Scratch and slip-resistant
  • Pre-attached underlayment

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It’s a rich blend of medium-toned and dark wood working together. The Viloor Wood Veneer 1001 Vinyl Plank Flooring provides a visually interesting and detailed floor that takes on the appearance of high quality, authentic wooden planks. Crafted out of top quality vinyl, with the Viloor Wood Veneer 1001 Vinyl Plank Flooring,  you will have peace of mind that your new floor is going to last years of use without wearing down or showing signs of damage.

The vinyl flooring has super strong with a 5.5-millimeter thickness. This prevents the veneer flooring from wearing down even with the heaviest footfall in homes that have a lot of foot traffic, including those with children and pets. It is just as great for other places with high foot traffic areas, such as offices. Thanks to its soundproof rating of IIC 72, it dampens and reduces the sound of people walking around, making the area a more comfortable place to be in.

The veneer vinyl plank flooring is also known for its waterproof nature, going further than ever to ensure the life of your flooring as it will never warp, crack or otherwise show signs of water damage from rain, footprints, spills, or any other contact with liquid it might have.

The Viloor Wood Veneer 1001 Vinyl Plank Flooring is made to be as simple as possible to install into place, thanks to its unique click-in installation method. With this mechanism, you can seamlessly lay down each piece one after the other. Each plank measures five inches in width. There are 10 planks in each package, you can cover an area of 16.4 square feet with each package you purchase.

  • Flooring plank thickness – 7.0 mm
  • Wear layer thickness – 20 mil
  • 100% waterproof
  • Residential warranty – 20 years
  • Soundproof level – 72 IIC

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Additional information

Underlayment thickness

2 mm

Installation type




Commercial warranty

10 years

Planks in the box

10 planks

Residential warranty

20 years


IIC 72

Core thickness

5.0 mm


100% waterproof

Wear layer

20 mil (or 0.50 mm) wear layer


Wood Veneer


Viloor Flooring

Plank width

5 inch

Sq ft in the box

16.40 sq ft





Total plank thickness

7.0 mm

Sq ft price



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