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#4 Vinyl plank flooring installation at a commercial warehouse in Kapolei, new construction

Vinyl plank flooring installation

In this post, I will tell you about the vinyl plank flooring installation in a commercial warehouse in Kapolei. Our customer owns a 5000 square feet warehouse, and he decided to build four new offices inside for his managers. When we came to take measurement almost everything was done except for the flooring, ceiling, and windows. We need to install click-in vinyl plank flooring in 3 offices with a total area of 750 square feet and 250 linear feet of cove base. The whole was done in less than in two days, here is what happened next.

Preparation for vinyl plank flooring installation

We decided to start from the office on the second level. We carefully examined the sub-floor and found several places that required our attention. The sub-floor was made wood, and in four places the plates had a sufficiently large difference that had to be smoothed before starting to install the floor.

First of all, we aligned the differences using a grinder and a special circle for wood. In addition to the differences, the second problem was wide seams at the joints of wooden boards. To avoid the possibility of opening locks at the joints of the planks, we covered them with a leveling mixture for wood. And the last step before starting the installation, we cut the trim on the doorways to the height of the floors. After that, we started laying the floors themselves.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the room before we started working. But I took photos after we prepared the floor for installation and installed the first few rows.

By the way, I completely forgot to say that on this project we used vinyl plank flooring color 1816 Silver Gray manufactured by Viloor Flooring, it cost only $2.79 per square foot and can be purchased in our flooring store. We decided to use this flooring because their locks don’t break and also the wear layer is 20 mil, which is over three times more compared to LifeProof flooring at Home Depot.

After vinyl plank flooring installation on the second level was done

After we finished installing the floors on the second floor, we moved to the first floor. The situation there was more complicated. Unlike the office on the second floor, the sub-floor there was made from concrete. The first problem was that the concrete was not even, and there were hollows and bumps on it. The second problem was even worse, in the middle of each of the rooms there was a strip of concrete mix. As a rule, concrete is poured in parts. And so that he does not crack, they are separated by a metal partition. It was this partition that ran in the middle of both rooms, and most importantly, it bulged out strongly.

If we installed floors on top of such a large difference, then with a high probability they would sooner or later open. Not to mention the fact that when walking in this place a strong bulge would be felt. Therefore, we grind out the bulge using a grinder and a diamond wheel on concrete. And after that, the surface was leveled with a self-leveling solution.

Go grind the concrete we use a 7-inch Makita Angle Grinder with 7-inch Makita Diamond Cup Wheel and to avoid concrete dust we use 7-inch Makita Grinder Shroud. Also, it’s important to use the grinder with a vacuum cleaner. We use Portable 4-gallon Ridgit Vacuum WD4070, but don’t forget to buy an adaptor and dust bags. Otherwise, the set up won’t work.

A lot of readers ask what tools do we use to prepare the concrete sub-floor for the vinyl plank flooring installation, here is our answer.

After the floor was leveled, we started the vinyl plank flooring installation process. All work on the preparation and installation of floors took one day.

Vinyl plank flooring installation – the final stage

After the floors were installed in all the rooms, it was time to install baseboards and transitions. The client asked to install a cove base throughout the room, as these are office premises.

This is what the upper room looked like after we finished our work. Unfortunately, I could not photograph the lower rooms, as there was no light in them.

Those two shots are more panoramic, I love the angle. Click right to check the second photo.

Looks nice gorgeous, isn’t it?

Before and after vinyl plank flooring installation

This part is my favorite, that it where you actually can see the difference and understand how much work was invested in this job. I wish I made photos before we started working, this way you would have a full picture of what happened.

I loved the job, it was interesting and the results are outstanding. Also, we were blessed to work with awesome people, they were doing carpentry by our side.

Are you ready to install vinyl plank flooring at your property? If yes visit our flooring store to check color and prices or visit our free flooring estimate page, or schedule an appointment today.

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By the way, do you like the flooring color? Would you install cove base over vinyl plank flooring? Please, let me know in the comments below, I would love to know your opinion!

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