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What is the Best Type of Flooring for a House?

What is the Best Type of Flooring for a House?

If you are thinking about renewing rooms in your house, replacing the flooring would be a great idea. But what type of flooring to choose? The modern market offers various options to satisfy the needs of every customer. For example, laminate, vinyl, hardwood, carpet flooring, tiles, etc. are available. But how to figure out which one is better suited to your home? Let’s find out in this article.

What to Consider?

When choosing a type of flooring, it’s important to consider several factors, like the following:

  • Room – not every flooring fits each room. For example, stone tile flooring is great for a bathroom or kitchen, but not ideal for a bedroom.
  • House situation – if you have small children or pets, it’s best to choose scratch-resistant flooring that is cleaned easily.
  • Budget – such types of flooring like hardwood or natural stone tiles are expensive, won’t fit every budget.
  • How to install – some types of floorings need extra materials to install. This leads to extra expenses. Some floors can be installed by beginners and it won’t cost anything to install the flooring since you do it on your own.
  • The room style – you need to choose materials that fit certain interior styles.

Professionals note that some materials are ideal when it comes to the combination of quality and price. It’s generally advised not to invest in cheap materials since it won’t lead to saving your budget. On the contrary, you will have to replace the cheap flooring sooner.

So it’s wiser to invest in something not too expensive, but of good quality. The Best Flooring Honolulu online store offers the best value for your money.

Types of Floorings

You may say there are 6 types of flooring materials you could use in your house. Some of these materials are budget-friendly, others will require serious investments. Let’s take a look at these options to see what are their advantages and disadvantages.


Hardwood Flooring

It’s a traditional choice. Even though it comes at a higher price, people still prefer hardwood. It has a high return of investment, which means that you invest once and enjoy for years. It will develop scratches over time, but you may revitalize it with special substances or by hiring professionals.

The cost of installation of a hardwood flooring is high, as well as the cost of the material. Maintaining hardwood is also more expensive than maintaining any other type of material. But hardwood is more luxurious, fits almost into any style, and shows the overall well-being of a household.


Laminate flooring

A cheaper version of hardwood which looks exactly like a wooden floor. It’s extremely easy to install, maintenance won’t ‘eat’ all your savings. Installing laminate planks does not require extra materials except for the underlayment layer.

Laminate comes at all colors and patterns, it’s a great imitation of wooden floors. It may not be as long-lasting as a wooden floor, but it is certainly durable. It’s best to install laminate high-traffic rooms, but not in kitchens or bathrooms. It may be damaged by the humidity and substances over time.


Vinyl flooring

Some people know it as linoleum or PVC, and remember that it is cheap. But today, it’s a modern and convenient material that can imitate everything – from hardwood to tiles. It’s a cheap and easy alternative that can be used in high-traffic areas. Installation and maintenance are extremely easy and can be used in any room, even in kitchens or bathrooms.


Carpet flooring

Carpet flooring is soft and cozy, a good choice for bedrooms. It is considered to be a cheap option, and it is easy to install carpet tiles. The thing to bear in mind is maintenance. To make sure it preserves its clean look, you should hire a professional at least once a year to clean the carpet.

You will also have to clean it frequently with special substances. Carpets fit bedrooms and kids’ rooms, but it’s difficult to maintain it clean.

Ceramic, Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic or porcelain tile flooring is an excellent choice for a kitchen or a bathroom. It is more difficult to install if compared to laminate or vinyl, but it is easier to maintain ceramic flooring.

Even if it gets chipped and scratched over time, you can easily replace one tile with a new one. So unlike all other types of floorings, you may replace one damaged part. Ceramic flooring is waterproof and relatively cheap, although it takes extra materials for installment. It lasts longer and comes in various colors, can imitate other types of floorings, etc.

Natural Tiles

Tiles of natural stone are extremely beautiful, look luxurious, and cost a lot. Some materials may be cheaper, but overall natural stone tiling is one of the most expensive types of floorings. The classic materials used to manufacture tiles are marble, travertine, sandstone, and granite.

This type of flooring is traditionally the most durable. But keep in mind that over time you will notice scuffs and scratches, especially if it’s polished marble. Tumbled marble may not look shiny and as luxurious, but you won’t notice scratches. It’s expensive to maintain natural stone floors, but they fit into any room. Such a type of material looks expensive and extremely luxurious.


The most affordable materials are laminate and vinyl. They are made of quality materials and won’t eat all your savings. In the Best Flooring Honolulu online store, you may find a lot of interesting options.

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