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Looking to install new flooring? Then you are in the right place, Best Flooring Honolulu is your Oahu flooring contractor:

  • with over 50 years of cumulative experience.
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What do we offer?

free flooring estimate

The Best Flooring Honolulu company has several related to flooring installation services. For example, we have our online store where you can purchase floorings of different types. You can choose from the following options:

  • Vinyl tiles or sheets.
  • Laminate planks.
  • Hardwood flooring (oak, cherry, walnut, etc.).
  • Bamboo flooring.
  • Carpet tile flooring.

We have a wide range of various options to choose from. For instance, you can choose from vinyl floor tiles of various colors, textures, etc. If you choose to buy laminate, all collections are installed due to a click-in installation method. It is extremely easy to install such a type of flooring, and even non-professionals can deal with such a task.

We work with various projects, including commercial ones. We have a special section “Our projects” where you can check out the photos of our finished projects. If you need to replace the floor in your home, you can contact us by filling in the form.

Best Flooring Honolulu offers services related to flooring installment. These services include:

  • appraisal of the project – free option;
  • former floor removal;
  • leveling the base floor;
  • installing the new flooring;
  • installing trims, baseboards, and transitions;

Depending on the condition of your base floor, you can order only flooring installment, or opt to order the whole package.

The Best Flooring Honolulu company has everything you need to replace your old floor with a modern new one. We have a special online store with the best materials you can find in Honolulu. And we offer installation services to make it even easier to replace your old floor. And to make it even more convenient, we have a special free flooring estimation offer.

How to get free in-home floor estimation?

To get a free evaluation, you simply need to fill in a standard form on this page. It requires only the basic information, such as your first and last name, street number, phone number, and email address. When you fill in the form, click on the “submit” button and our manager will call you back to coordinate our actions.

You can set a flooring assessment arrangement whenever it is convenient for you, and our specialist will visit you at a set date and time. So what to expect from this free flooring estimation? Here are some basic details:

  • Our specialist will take some measures to see how many materials you need.
  • He will check the condition of the base floor – whether it needs to be leveled, etc.
  • The prices for installing the floors will vary depending on the material.
  • Installing the baseboards, trims and transitions also will be included in the floor estimation.

Two main factors affect the price – whether you need the leveling of the base floor and the type of flooring you choose. Installing hardwood is always more costly.

Our advantages

Best Flooring Honolulu is in the industry since 2015. We have the required experience and skills to make sure our clients get the best customer experience. As for our advantages, here is what you can get if you choose us:

  • low costs;
  • free estimation of your project – a professional will visit your house and make all the measurements, calculate potential expenses for free;
  • we offer warranties for our job and the materials we use;
  • we sell only high-quality materials;
  • our company always meets the deadline.

We value all our customers and focus all our attention on one client at a time. Rest assured you will get a perfect floor in your home and it won’t eat all your money. We also have three flooring showrooms so you can check out the flooring you have chosen. There is a “Flooring Showroom” section, you can check it out and fill in the form to set an assignment. We offer the most convenient conditions for all our clients.

Our contacts

Best Flooring Honolulu operates during business days and business hours. You can visit our “Contacts” section to choose the most convenient way of contacting us. You can fill in the form so our managers will call you back, or you could contact us immediately by calling.