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The Best Flooring Honolulu store has a wide selection of vinyl plank flooring brands and colors starting from only $2.79 per square foot. You can check availability, colors, and specs online or request an appointment in our flooring showroom where our sales specialist will answer all your questions. If you are not sure how many boxes of vinyl planks you need, we always suggest before putting an order to request a free flooring estimate. Our experienced estimator will take measurements and will send you a quote, where you will see what materials and how many of them do you need to complete your renovation project.

Our materials are always of high quality and can be easily installed. Best Flooring Honolulu offers quality and great prices for every budget.

What floorings do we sell?

The Best Flooring Honolulu online store has a rich collection of different types of floorings. We can divide the materials we sell into 5 categories:

  • Laminate planks.
  • Vinyl floors.
  • Hardwood (different types of wood) planks.
  • Bamboo floor.
  • Carpet tiles.

The most popular choice among customers is considered to be laminate or vinyl. These mentioned options come at a lower cost but have lots of advantages. Laminate, as well as vinyl, are long-lasting materials, they are resilient to different types of damage including the humidity and effect of certain chemicals. You can even find a waterproof vinyl or laminate at the Best Flooring Honolulu online store.

As for colors, you can choose any depending on your tastes. Ivory, chocolate, coffee, olive, mocha, etc., all these options and more could be found in our store.

As for hardwood, it is more expensive, but it brings luxury to any home where it is installed. In the Best Flooring Honolulu online store, you can find hardwood floors made of different types of wood. For example, if you are more into dark colors, you can check out floorings made of cherry, walnut, acacia, chestnut, oak, etc. Hardwood from driftwood would have a gray color which creates interesting interiors. You could also choose hickory, linden, teak, or other light wooden floors. The store offers options for any taste and any budget. Plus, it is easy to use the website by narrowing the search with the help of filters.

Discounts and sales

Sometimes we have sales at our online store. If you proceed to the “Sales” section of the website, you will find a form. Fill in the form to get notified whenever there are discounts and sales. We often offer discounts on those collections that we no longer produce. For example, if we no longer produce a certain color, we want to sell it as soon as possible. We also offer discounts for active military (5%), but the discount is only for installation. And we have discounts for clients who have projects over 5.000 square feet. The discount will depend on some factors. If you want to order our installation services, you can contact our managers. Or you can fill in the form to get free of charge floor estimation to learn exactly how much our work will cost.

How to use the website?

On the right side of the screen you see our collections, on the left, you will find useful filters. If you know the type of floor you want to purchase, just choose it. For example, you need vinyl flooring, click on vinyl and the webpage will show only vinyl floorings.

You can narrow the results even more. For example, you want planks of 5mm thickness, then choose a corresponding filter. You can also choose the plank width. You can also choose the level of soundproof and waterproof. All the systems are click-in, except for vinyl. Vinyl is installed with a special adhesive. You could also take a look at such options as bamboo flooring. It is highly popular since it is cheaper, nice-looking and eco-friendly. Or you could choose veneer flooring. The prices are pretty low. It’s easy to figure out how many boxes or planks you need since the prices are set for a full box of planks and square feet. All you need is to measure the room where you plan to install the flooring and buy a needed amount of materials.

How to purchase floorings?

You need to click on the type of flooring you want to buy. Then choose the number of boxes you want to purchase. If you scroll a bit down, you will see the details, specifically, the square feet in the box. Then proceed to the cart and fill in the billing information.  Best Flooring Honolulu offers the most reasonable prices and great quality, so do not hesitate and visit our shop.