Flooring Showroom

Flooring showroom is our sacred place where you can consult with our flooring experts, get free flooring samples, experience different colors and check availability. In our showroom you can find different types of flooring like vinyl planks, laminate, hardwood and other.

What's the address of our flooring showroom?

Showroom address  525 Kapahulu Avenue, Honolulu, HI, 96815 (we share the space with surf Diamond Head Surfboard)
  • Kapahulu Avenue - street parking (both directions)
  • Herbert Street - street parking (both directions)
  • Castle Street - street parking (both directions)
  • Working hours
  • Monday - Friday from 8 am to 4 pm
  • Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm
  • Sunday from 11am to 3 pm
  • Contacts
  • (808) 480-7500
  • info@bestflooringhonolulu.com


    Where to park for our showroom?

    There is a lot of meter parking along on the Kapahulu Street and also there is free parking behind our showroom and on the Herbert street. Please, refer to the picture below.

    What flooring can you see and order in our showroom?

    We always search for new flooring options available on the market. We offer to our customers next flooring types:

    Currently the most popular flooring are vinyl planks that look like wood flooring. Due to it's luxury appearance and price affordability. 

    Our showroom offers quality selection of flooring brands such as:

    How to make showroom appointment and what to expect?

    Part 1. Booking a flooring showroom appointment.

    There are three options how you can book a flooring showroom appointment with us.

    Option 1. Book an appointment in our online calendar.

    At the beginning and the end of this page you will find a calendar. Here's what to do:

    • Choose a month, date and time for the appointment
    • Fill out and submit the form on the next page
    • You will receive a booking confirmation on the email
    • You will receive an email reminder before the flooring showroom appointment

    Option 2. Book an appointment by calling us.

    Just give us a call or send a text message at (808) 480-7500. You can find more ways to reach us at our contact page.

    Option 3. Book an appointment by requesting a callback.

    You can request a call back in our chat bot (lower right cornet of your screen) or by filling out a form on our contact page. We will call you in our normal working hours.

    In case you need to change time and date, you can call us or send us an email. See contact page for more details.

    Part 2. Appointment confirmation and reminders.

    After you book a flooring showroom appointment you will receive a confirmation letter in your email. Also, on the day of an appointment you will receive a reminder.

    Pro tip. We always encourage our customer to share with us advices on how to enter your property or where to part. Especially in Waikiki and other areas with limited parking.

    Part 3. Meeting with our flooring expert in the showroom. 

    On the scheduled time and date please arrive on time. Please, read the paragraph "how to prepare for flooring showroom" below to learn how to prepare.

    First he will ask you a couple of questions to understand your needs. Here are a couple of examples:

    1. What material do you like: vinyl plank flooring, hardwood, laminate?
    2. What features of flooring are important for you? 
    3. What flooring colors do you prefer?
    4. What's your budget for the material?
    5. In which areas of your property do you plan to install new flooring?

    Next, our flooring expert will show you a couple of different options that he believes meets your requirements. 

    Part 4. Checking availability and getting a quote.

    Let our flooring expert know which floor you like, how many square feet you need and he will check if we have it in stock. As a rule, almost all floors in our showroom are always available.

    Pro tip. Always take free samples home. Put them near walls, furniture, countertops an see if you still like the color and if it matches. The same flooring will look completely different in rooms with different levels of illumination, angles of illumination and day time.

    If you are not sure how many square feet you need to purchase or what accessories you need to complete your installation feel free to schedule a free flooring estimate. Our quote will have answers to all those questions. 

    Pro advice. When putting an order don't forget to include baseboards, stair noses, t-moldings, end caps, underlayment and other accessories.

    After we check availability our flooring expert will give you a final quote for materials. You can pay with cash, personal check, cashiers check, debit card or credit card. (please, notice, if you are buying only materials, and paying with a personal check we won't be able to release the flooring to you until the check is cleared by the bank)

    Part 5. Picking up order or scheduling a delivery.

    As of June, 2021 we require 24 hours to prepare your order for a pick up. Most orders are picked up in Kalihi area or by the airport. You would need to indicate a specific pick up time and date due to the high number of orders our warehouse releases flooring by appointment only. 

    Notice! Our warehouses are located in at a different from a showroom address. Because different products are located at a different warehouses, our sales manages will send you the address after you pay for order. 

    We do offer curb side delivery. Materials orders over $5,000 are delivered for free on Oahu. Deliveries of orders under $5,000 are paid. Please, contact our sales specialist to get a delivery pricing.

    Notice! We don't bring flooring inside the home or apartment. The material will be unloaded as close to your property as close the vehicle can park.

    Why visit our flooring showroom?

    There are a number of flooring showrooms in Honolulu and on Oahu, why would you want to visit us? Here are some of the major reasons:

    1. Convenient Location. Our showroom is located at 525 Kapahulu Avenue, which is super close to Waikiki, with convenient parking and easy to find sign.
    2. Wide Flooring Selection. We carry in-stock and sell Hawaii local and international brands. Also we carry and sell our vinyl plank flooring brand - Best Flooring Honolulu.
    3. Professional Consultants. Our flooring consultants have managed or worked on hundreds of flooring jobs. And they can easily answer all your question and help you make a right choice.
    4. Free Flooring Samples. We do believe that before making a decision it's important to take a sample to the location where you plan to install new flooring and make sure you like it there.
    5. Comfortable Showroom. Our showroom is equipped with an air conditioner, easy accessible street parking, bright lightning and comfortable chairs for your convenience.

    All this creates a cozy and friendly atmosphere so you can make a tough decision with easy and confidence. You can rely on our expertise to install your new flooring fast and without any unseen circumstances.

    Why schedule an appointment?

    Now when you know our location and hours of operation you can stop by at any convenient for you time. But keep in mind, that there can be other people in a flooring showroom at the time when you arrive and you would need to wait for your turn.

    To avoid this inconvenient situation, we highly recommend to schedule an appointment prior to coming. This can save your valuable time and give us an opportunity to prepare for your visit.

    How to prepare for flooring showroom?

    It's not necessary, but highly recommended to prepare for the flooring showroom appointment. This will help you make a right decision and ask our expert proper questions. Here is how you can prepare:

    • Decide what you like and what you don't. It's easy, when you visit our friends or talk to neighbor pay attention to their flooring: color, type, underfoot feeling, etc. If you do like it - make a photo. If you don't - remember or write down what you didn't like. No matter what was the result - share it with us.
    • Check our online store and blog. In our online flooring store you can see what products are available on the market and in Hawaii stock and what's more important, you can check photos from real jobs. Our blog is basically a flooring Wikipedia. It's a a treasure trove of useful information created specifically for home owners.
    • Find online photos of flooring jobs that you like. Thousands of flooring jobs are done everyday. Photos of most of them are published online. Take advantage of that! Find the one that appeals to you and show those to our flooring experts. They will do their best to offer you a similar solution.

    From our experience, customer that did their due diligence can take from us much more, compared to unprepared customers. We don't say that you shouldn't come to us unprepared. We are here to educate and help you make good decision. Our point is that preparedness creates additional value, and we want you to have only the best.