What You Should Know About H&C Flooring and Stone

Without a doubt, HC flooring is a marvelous union of aesthetics and high-end quality. It is that same company with multi-year experience and varied low-maintenance products to choose from. Stay tuned to find out more about its benefits!

Are HC Floors Suitable for Commercial Spaces Too?

Given their durability, the brand’s products are designed to withstand high-foot traffic without difficulty. So you can easily choose the style you like the most for any property.

Are Vinyl Planks Worth It?

Since it is one of the most renowned deals of the company, it won’t be extra to check its pros and cons. The latter is shown in the following table.



Easy maintenance

Not as quiet as alternatives like carpets


Need to seek for more eco-friendly options


Complicated installation

Are There Any H & C Sales?

Compared to other deals, this company’s solutions are pretty cost-efficient on their own. Nevertheless, it is possible to contribute to your budget with discounts and special offers. Just check them out with professional third parties!

At Best Flooring Honolulu, you are welcome to discover a unique palette of HC flooring at affordable prices. Schedule your appointment and see its style and charm in its local showroom or online.


Can I lay vinyl planks over laminate?

Yes, you can lay vinyl planks over laminate as long as the laminate is in good condition, flat, and clean. However, it's advisable to check the manufacturer's guidelines and consider using a suitable underlayment for a smoother surface and better adhesion.

How to prepare a concrete floor for vinyl planks?

To prepare a concrete floor for vinyl planks:

  1. Clean the surface thoroughly.
  2. Fill any cracks or imperfections.
  3. Conduct a moisture test to ensure it's dry.
  4. Install a vapor barrier if needed.
  5. Level the floor with a suitable underlayment.
  6. Start installing your vinyl planks.

Can I lay vinyl planks over peel and stick laminate flooring?

Laying vinyl planks over peel-and-stick laminate flooring is not recommended. The adhesive and texture of the laminate may interfere with the vinyl plank's adhesion and overall performance. It's best to remove the laminate flooring or consider other suitable preparation methods before installing vinyl planks for a successful and long-lasting result.