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Is Glue Down Vinyl Plank Flooring a Good Choice?

You can effortlessly understand the meaning of this term — it is about the floor, which is bonded to the subfloor by glue. This strategy helps everything be held together in one place. In turn, it becomes an ideal solution for areas with several visitors during the day — harsh foot traffic won’t damage the surface that easily. If there are vehicles like kitchen stations and wheelchairs, rolling here and there in the target room, a glue down LVP layout is a brilliant opportunity to avoid trouble now and in the future.

The Advantages of Glue Down Vinyl Planks

First and foremost, it is a wise investment choice. With proper maintenance, such surfaces can last a few decades without difficulty. Check the table below for other premium features of this floor.

Great assortment

You can get any pattern and style you want.

Moisture resistance

Although it isn’t absolutely waterproof and won’t tolerate lasting exposure to water, it will survive spills and similar accidents.


It is one of the most budget-friendly solutions in the market.

How to Install Vinyl Plank Glue Down Flooring

It isn’t the material novice users should install on their own — it is better to rely on the assistance of professional companies and teams. They will help you understand the process’s peculiarities and what you actually need to be aware of without diving into details. 

Nevertheless, it is a good idea to conduct your research. It will help you answer the right questions and get the desired result without the need to redo things over and over again. Please remember the following:

  • The rule of thumb tells interested parties that the concrete should be polished. Although vinyl plank adhesive flooring doesn’t require a level slab, the need for a flat, clean, and smooth surface shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • When your vinyl sheets overlap, aligning the pattern might seem complicated. However, the trick with wallpaper hangers will work in this case too. Your task is to match the design element in one part of the sheet and cut twice through the upper and bottom layers.
  • You should be careful about tucking luxury vinyl glue down flooring. It is flexible, which is good for numerous installation settings. At the same time, this benefit might be a drawback if you tuck this material beneath cabinets. If you do, you will automatically restrict the mobility of the floating floor. Don’t be afraid of trimming these sheets in the right zones. You will be able to hide edges with different transition molding techniques afterward.

Final Thoughts

As evidence shows, this type of flooring will work for numerous installation scenarios, especially those with complicated traffic conditions. In addition, by choosing waterproof vinyl glue tiles or sheets, you increase the list of locations where the distinguished solution will be second to none.

If you don’t know how to get started, Best Flooring Honolulu will guide you through dozens of glue-down vinyl plank flooring staples. It is easier to choose the right option for your basement or kitchen than it seems at first.