Currently we offer FREE flooring estimates in a 15-mile radius from our flooring showroom (1130 N Nimitz Hwy A-121, Honolulu, HI 96817), including Kapolei, Mililani, Kaneohe, and Hawaii Kai (96825). We offer one free flooring estimate and one free estimate alteration per property.

For estimates over 15-mile radius we charge $100 + GET  that must be paid upfront. In case if you decide to go with our services, your final installation amount will be decreased by $100 + GET. Estimate charge is none refundable. 

How to prepare for the flooring estimate?

We did thousands of estimates. And sometimes when we come to properties people are not prepared. Here are some advices on how to prepare for the estimate:

  1. Be at the property. It's very important that you are present at the property at a scheduled date and time. Unless you have another agreement with an estimator.
  2. Inform other people about the estimate. Make sure that all your family members or people located at the property are aware that the estimator is coming.
  3. Decide on installation area in advance. Discuss this question with family members, roommates or friends ahead of time. So when the estimator comes you can explain to him what areas to measure.
  4. Make measurement areas accessible. Make sure that all doors are open and rooms have space for an estimator to take measurements. And there are no other entering restrictions.
  5. Make your due diligence in advance. If you live in a condo - ask your property manager about any requirement or limitations. Ask neighbors about their flooring replacement experience.
  6. Visit our showroom. Most of the times it's better to first visit our flooring showroom before scheduling a flooring estimate to check available materials and get answers for your questions.

How long does the flooring estimate take?

Most estimates take 15-30 minutes from the start to the end. In some cases this time can be significantly longer if the property has abnormal shape and/or over 1500 square feet. Also, the more questions you ask the installer, the longer the flooring estimate will take. That is why we recommend to visit our flooring showroom prior to booking a flooring estimate, as a flooring expert in showroom is not limited in time. Flooring estimator is limited in time due to the next flooring estimate appointment.

What's the procedure of flooring estimate?

Part 1. Booking a flooring estimate.

There are three options how you can book an flooring estimate with us.

Option 1. Book an appointment in our online calendar.

At the beginning and the end of this page you will find a calendar. Here's what to do:

  • Choose a month, date and time for the estimate
  • Fill out and submit the form on the next page
  • You will receive a booking confirmation on the email
  • You will receive an email reminder before the flooring estimate

Option 2. Book an appointment by calling us.

Just give us a call or send a text message at (808) 480-7500. You can find more ways to reach us at our contact page.

Option 3. Book an appointment by requesting a callback.

You can request a call back in our chat bot (lower right cornet of your screen) or by filling out a form on our contact page. We will call you in our normal working hours.

In case you need to change time and date, you can call us or send us an email. See contact page for more details.

Part 2. Appointment confirmation and reminders.

After you book a flooring estimate appointment you will receive a confirmation letter in your email. Also, on the day of an estimate you will receive a reminder.

Pro tip. We always encourage our customer to share with us advices on how to enter your property or where to part. Especially in Waikiki and other areas with limited parking.

Part 3. Meeting with an estimator. 

On the scheduled time and date our estimator will arrive to your property. Please, read the paragraph "how to prepare for flooring estimate" above to learn how to prepare.

First he will ask you a couple of questions to understand your needs. Here are a couple of examples:

  1. What material do you want us to install?
  2. Are you planning to move furniture yourself or you want us to do it?
  3. Did you already choose a color of vinyl plank flooring that you like?
  4. Does your condo require a specific soundproof level of the new flooring?
  5. When do you want us to start the job?

Next, he will ask you to show him areas where you plan to install new flooring. During the estimation process the estimator may point out potential issues or complications that may arise, offering you different options how to solve them.

Upon completion of estimation you may choose flooring and baseboards that you want to be included in the quote. Estimator will show you flooring and baseboards samples. Unfortunately, our estimator can't bring all flooring options that we have because samples are bulky and heavy. That is why we always recommend to visit our flooring showroom before scheduling flooring estimate. In our showroom you will be able to see all available flooring options. 

After estimator takes measurement, answers your questions, get answers on his questions and understands your flooring and baseboards choice he go to the office to put all this date in our estimation software. Estimations software will calculate your quote using provided data and our current prices.

Part 4. Receive a flooring quote on your email.

In most cases you will receive our quote in the email on the same or next day. Our sales manages will follow up with you to see if you got it. If you didn't he will resend it to you.

Part 5. Making a decision.

After you review a quote, you can:

  • accept the quote in full
  • request changes (adding or removing labor)
  • buy only materials
  • order only labor

As you can see, we are flexible on this part. Our job is to help you solve your flooring needs.

Why order flooring estimate from us?

There are many contractors and handyman that offer flooring estimates on Oahu, why should you order flooring estimate from us? Here are major reasons why:

Our estimates are free. As of June 2021, our flooring estimates are absolutely free. It's a big advantage compared to Home Depot and Lowes, as they charge for flooring estimates.

Our estimates are very detailed. Compared to our competitors, our quotes are remarkably detailed. You will see a separate table for labor cost and a separate table for materials. And material and labor will have a per line specification.

Our estimates are adjustable. You can add or remove almost any labor or material in the quote to save money and do it yourself. 

Our estimates are a product itself. Because our quotes are so detailed, you can use it to order materials or question another contractor on what labor he is planning to perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: My place is XYZ square feet, can you give me a quote?
  • A: No. The only way we can give you a quote is after free flooring estimate at your property. Our flooring estimator is not only measuring area, he also takes in consideration other things like: property access, job complexity, other services that we need to provide in order to complete the job.


  • Q: I have an estimate from XYZ company, can you give me a quote based of their numbers?
  • A: No. The only way we can give you a quote is after free flooring estimate at your property. Based of another installer quote, we don't know what labor and materials they've included in the price. Our estimation can be significantly different. 



  • Q: I can grant access to some areas of my property, can you give me a quote without seeing it?
  • A: No. The only way we can give you a quote is after visually inspecting quoted areas.


  • Q: I have another unit/apartment/house that is the same as the one you already measured. Can I use your old quote?
  • A: No. Each property needs to be visited by our flooring estimator and get a separate quote.

    What do we offer?

    We offer flooring estimates for:

    • residential jobs: houses, town houses, condos and other
    • commercial projects
    • military properties
    • government buildings

    We don't offer flooring estimates for boats, vans, busses, trailers.

    The estimate can be done for the following click-in flooring options:

    • vinyl plank flooring
    • laminate
    • hardwood
    • vinyl tile
    • wood veneer

    If you are a general contractor and you are hiring us as a subcontractor, we can follow your pricing guidance's as long as it's inline with our policies and price list.

    Book a flooring estimate