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Nroro Flooring - Quarter Round - Matching Color - Molding Wall base
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Is PVC Quarter Round a Must-Have Purchase for Everyone?

Using this type of molding can elaborate the look of any area in both corporate and residential buildings. Nevertheless, a lot of customers overlook the importance of PVC quarter round. This choice frequently seems insignificant, especially compared to deciding on the right flooring for your space.

Let’s check what this term means and how such a solution really works. Stay tuned for more!

What Does a Quarter Round PVC Solution Mean?

It is easy to avoid any confusion related to interpreting this notion. Check the table below to understand the characteristics of the analyzed product.


This abbreviation stands for polyvinyl chloride, this material comes with excellent visual features, mimicking the feel and look of wood.

Quarter round

It is a molding kind, which is applied to create a seamless transaction between baseboard and floors, etc. It is also known for its circular or quarter-shaped silhouette.

Alternative Applications for Quarter-Round Trims

If you think the only purpose of this product is the protection of the two-floor edge, the list below will help you understand its real potential:

  • They aren’t only designed for baseboards. Another popular type is a quarter round door trim. With its self-explanatory name, it is easy to imagine how complete and polished the look of your doorway can become.
  • There are more edging zones than you might have thought about. Each of them requires extra care and protection. For instance, the distinguished product will come in handy for boosting the aesthetics of stairwells and windows.
  • As an unusual and opulent interior design approach, such a solution is also great for creating interesting forms on walls. This technique lets you achieve a phenomenal result without huge financial investments in accessories and decor.

Where to Buy High-End PVC Quarter Round Trims

The distinguished product is an excellent choice for hiding joints and transitions between floors and baseboards. Although you can find several alternatives serving the same purpose, PVC options are appreciated for their durability, cost-efficiency, and non-challenging installation. Whether you would prefer a sophisticated and elegant view or a more classic charm, Best Flooring Honolulu has got you back. All you need is to contact the team and discuss your project details to locate the right shape, size, and color of PVC round quarter trims.

Final Thoughts

It is natural to feel lost when it comes to selecting the right product for your home repair or renovation, especially with such a huge assortment of goodies online and offline. With Best Flooring Honolulu, it won’t take a lot to define the value of PVC quarter round rolls and what spaces will require this additional element. All in all, the analyzed product can take your interior design to the next level with how it curates its aesthetic.