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WPC Flooring FAQs

If you are interested in getting the greatest-value floor for any room in your house, you have come to the right place. In this guide, you will check the definition of WPC and why this type of material has become a hit and one of the bestselling options in the market. Onwards!

What Is WPC?

Standing for wood plastic composite flooring, it is a four-layer material resembling traditional wood or stone like nothing else in the market. It implements modern technologies to advance the overall product’s aesthetics and gains the most out of thermoplastic and wooden fibers. Consisting of wear, printed top, core, and backing layers, this material is distinguished by its simple maintenance, dimensional stability, and long-lasting efficient performance.

Why Do People Choose WPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

When comparing this option to alternatives, you have to understand it isn’t an average vinyl floor you are accustomed to. Since it contacts wood fiber or flour, it is an improved model of luxury vinyl flooring. Although each of them is appreciated for its water and moisture resistance, WPC is a true winner when it comes to waterproof potential. In the table below, you will see some more advantageous aspects, making customers fall in love with WPC’s beauty and performance.

Easy maintenance

All you need to ensure it looks great is to acquire a simple yet regular sweeping practice. Damp mopping can take place occasionally.


Compared to solutions like tile, it feels cozier and more convenient underfoot.

Is It a Perfect All-In Solution?

As in the case with any other type of flooring, this particular option isn’t deprived of some drawbacks:

  • Environmental friendliness — like average LVT, WPC doesn’t guarantee a VOC-free life cycle unless you specifically find the corresponding type of composition.
  • Complicated repair — unlike planks, appreciated for their click-lock mechanism, numerous WPC styles don’t tolerate DIY installation and replacement.

Are WPC Wood Planks Better than LVP?

They both have their own ups and downs to take into account to ensure you make a complimentary decision for your interior design project. In terms of durability and longevity, WPC floors outperform standard options like LVP. On the other hand, this increased durability is the result of a little compromise with the overall softness of the material. Since it is harder, it might feel less comfortable and cozy barefoot.

If you are searching for something that will rock it on a daily basis, WPC is still a winning solution. Despite how affordable LVP can be, the WPC flooring price won’t overwhelm your budget.


Consult with Professionals

When it comes to choosing wood plastic composite flooring, a lot of similar questions arise — you can clearly see it in this guide. However, to make your project more personalized, it won’t be extra to seek peculiar optimization solutions with the assistance of third parties. At the Best Flooring Honolulu store, you can get acquainted with what WPC means in practice.

All in all, this type of rigid-core vinyl flooring is the right option for laundry-kitchen-mudroom walking-on surfaces thanks to its waterproof and durable performance. The same characteristics can also revolutionize your dining or living room.


What is WPC flooring, and how is it different from traditional hardwood?

WPC flooring is a versatile flooring option made of a composite of wood fibers, plastic, and sometimes other materials. It mimics the appearance of hardwood but offers enhanced durability and resistance to moisture.

Is WPC flooring waterproof, and can it be used in bathrooms and kitchens?

WPC flooring is water-resistant, making it suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. While it can handle occasional spills, it's not designed for submersion or continuous exposure to water.

Can I install WPC flooring over existing floors, like tile or hardwood?

Yes, WPC flooring is often designed for easy installation and can be laid over various existing flooring surfaces, saving time and labor during renovations.