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Medallion is a distinguished flooring distributor, offering an extensive array of products tailored for both residential and commercial environments. Their collection features SPC & WPC Floating Floors, highlighting modern and practical flooring solutions. The Luxury Vinyl LVP & LVT Gluedown Floors present a blend of elegance and durability. Their Hardwood Floors range from classic to contemporary styles, while Inhaus Laminate & PVC Free Flooring offers eco-conscious alternatives. The Bamboo Floors stand out for their sustainability and aesthetic appeal. Medallion's carpet selection, including Residential, Commercial, and Carpet Tiles, provides versatile options for different settings. Accompanying these are Carpet Pad and Sheet Vinyl for added comfort and durability. The catalog also includes Underlayment & Sound Control products, enhancing the functionality of flooring. Moreover, Mapei Adhesives, Patch & Self Leveling solutions, are available for professional-grade installation and maintenance. Medallion's collection is thoughtfully curated to align with the latest trends, ensuring a harmonious blend of style, durability, and practicality in flooring.