Collection: White Vinyl Plank Flooring

Today homeowners that are leaning more towards neutral and soft, lighter tones for their homes are choosing white-colored vinyl plank flooring. White and light vinyl plank flooring is becoming a very popular option for contemporary, modern, and minimalistic design homes. Best Flooring Honolulu offers a variety of white and light-colored flooring choices. One of our top sellers is Antique White Oak, it has a unique natural and chic pattern, smooth color transitions, and suits almost any interior. Warm Taupe Oak, Alohi, Classic Light Birch, and Kauai Style are great examples of our white vinyl flooring selection with a touch of grey. These colors work perfectly with bold, dark, or light decor elements and are very easy to adjust to any trend. Softer and warmer colors such as Elegant Noble Birch and Ivory also go with any decor style and are aesthetically pleasing to almost anyone. Whichever grey vinyl plank flooring you’re looking for Best Flooring Honolulu will match you with the right shade and tone. We offer discounts for large orders and monthly sales! Follow us on social media to keep up with the latest offers.

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