Cost to install vinyl plank flooring

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Cost to install vinyl plank flooring consist of many components. Let’s break them apart to better understand how the price is formed.

First of all, if we talk about turn-key installation, the price will consist of two major blocks: materials cost and labor cost. Vinyl plank flooring cost on Oahu can warry from $1.59 per square foot to $8 per square foot or even more. From my experience, the average price is somewhere between $2.50 and $4 per square foot. Also, we shouldn’t forget, that apart from flooring, material-wise we also need:

  • underlayment (if it’s not attached);
  • transitions – such as t-moldings, reducers, end caps, stair treads, or stair noses;
  • baseboards or quarter rounds- to cover the quarter-inch gap required by the manufacturer
  • consumables, that include but are not limited to self-leveling compound, trash bags, caulking, liquid nails, etc.

Now let’s move to the second part of the cost – labor. Direct labor cost to install vinyl plank flooring consist of:

  • Old flooring demolition or removal
  • Leveling or flooring preparation
  • Vinyl plank flooring installation
  • Transitions installation
  • Baseboards or quarer round installation

There is also indirect cost to install lvp which involves:

  • moving furniture
  • removing or replacing toilet
  • removing or replacing appliances
  • removing or replacing vanity
  • removing or replacing closet doors and sliding doors
  • baseboards caulking

If you add labor and materials up, vinyl plank flooring installation cost per square foot will come out somewhere between $5-$12 per square foot if you order it from a flooring contractor. But you can decrease the price even more, if you take care of unqualified labor, for example moving furniture, dumping trash, material delivery, and others.

Here are our vinyl plank flooring installation prices for 2021 below. Please, notice, this does not include non installation labor or demolition:

Subfloor leveling (level 1) $0.99 per sq ft
Viny plank flooring installation $1.99 per sq ft
Transition installation (t-molding, reducer, end cap) $3.99 per ln ft
Baseboards under 3-1/4″ high and quarter round installation $1.99 per ln ft
Baseboards over 3-1/4″ high installation $2.99 per ln ft
Baseboards caulking (top and seams) $0.75 per ln ft
Step vinyl plank flooring installation (up to 4 ft width) $100 per step
Best Flooring Honolulu vinyl plank flooring installation price-list for the year 2021

Also, there is another way. You can use third-party services. Try to google “cost to install vinyl plank flooring Homewyse“. Homewyse is a service that calculates average installation based on your zip code. The estimate is very inaccurate and can be significantly off the actual pricing.

Also, the price to install vinyl plank flooring can be basically zero, if you decide to do everything yourself. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube that show you the installation process. And to be totally honest – it’s pretty simple if you have a lot of free time, proper tools, and patience.

My recommendation is pretty simple: instead of trying to guess vinyl plank installation cost call us and request a free flooring estimate and you will know the material and labor price on the same day. The most important part – there is no obligation and it’s totally free. Because as you could already understand, the average cost to install vinyl plank flooring may vary depending on what labor needs to be done. I would say $2-$7 per square foot is a labor cost fork as for 2021 in Oahu, Hawaii.