Building Approval - extra charge that is applied to projects that require an approval process by HOA, property manager, building manager, or other entity.



To better understand when building approval charge would be applied to a project, please read through the example below:

Both Maria and Sam wish to replace flooring at their properties. Maria’s property is private single-family house; whereas Sam’s property is an apartment in high riser. To start installation at Maria’s place our company needs to arrive to a her property and start working. At the same time before our company can start installation at Sam's property we need to get an approval from Sam's HOA. To get an approval Sam's HOA requires our company to provide:

  • Contractors License
  • GET License
  • Insurance, naming Sam's HOA as an added insured
  • Specs for the material
  • Soundproof test for the underlayment
  • Samples for the underlayment, flooring, and other materials
  • Scope of work, etc.

Due to the fact that before our company can start Sam’s job we are required to perform extra labor, compared to Maria's job, a building approval charge is added to Sam’s flooring quote.


We apply this charge in the following situations when next is requested by HOA, property manager, or other approving entity:

  • Added insured naming them as an added insured
  • Scope of work
  • Samples of the flooring or other materials that are expected to be delivered to the property
  • Signing building or other entity issued documents/contracts
  • Providing documents that are available on our website in open access

This list is not comprehensive. The Building Approval charge is designed to compensate time spent got get approval to start the job in written, oral or any other forms. Minimum charge is $119.99 per approval and is determined by the company based on extra time spent on getting approval to start the job.

If HOA, property manager, or other approving entity, requires a deposit that is paid by our company, we add 20% of the deposited amount to the final quote after the job is done, to compensate "frozen" funds 


To avoid the charge you must get approval from the building before the job start on your own.

If this is not possible, you can decrease the charge - by doing as much as you can on your own, and allowing us to finish the rest at an additional cost.


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