Job Access Complexity – this charge may be applied to projects that require additional time to bring materials, take out trash and move in/move out tools and consumables due to the complicated access to the premises.



To help illustrate what a Job Access Complexity charge entails please refer to the example below:

Our customers, Maria and Sam both have a 400 sq ft property and have requested to install the same flooring. Maria has a private house with an attached garage, which leads to the room where the flooring needs to be installed. Sam is living on the 45th floor of a highrise building in which there is no parking inside the building, only street parking for contractors.  

Let’s first look at what it requires to get our project started in Sam’s unit:

  • Load materials, tools, and trash onto a dolly
  • Take dolly to the building entrance stairs
  • Unload each box, and tool and walk them up the stairs
  • Reload each box and tool back onto the dolly
  • Push the dolly  through the lobby with care not to scratch walls or damage anything
  • Wait approximately  20 min for the elevator
  • Load and ride elevator to 45th floor
  • Push dolly 150 ft down the hallway to the unit
  • Unload the dolly at the customer’s unit and repeat the process as needed

Now let’s look at what it requires to get our project started at Maria’s home

  • Park the work vehicle in garage
  • Unload boxes and tools from garage to next room
  • Begin work

It will take our installer about 8 hours to install 400 sq ft of vinyl plank flooring at Maria’s home; whereas our installer will take at least 12 hours at Sam’s unit.

The only difference is the access to the property. Everything else exactly the same:

  • the square footage
  • the installer
  • the material

To compensate for the extra time required for Sam’s job (8 hrs vs.12 hrs) we charge a Job Access Complexity Charge to Sam’s flooring quote.



This charge may be applied when in order to bring material, consumables, trash & tools we need to:

  • use an elevator
  • use stairs
  • walk through lobby
  • move through building hallways
  • use street parking
  • use parking that is not attached to the house/garage

This list is not comprehensive. The Job Access Complexity charge is determined by the estimator based on their experience during the free flooring estimate.


There is a possibility to decrease your Job Access Complexity charge up to 70% by taking responsibility for loading materials to the project site and all trash removal. You may still be charged 30% of the initial Job Access Complexity charge since we cannot allow anyone to handle our tools. 

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