Job complexity - This charge may be applied to projects that require additional time installing flooring or baseboards due to the non-standard shape of the property.


What is job complexity?

To better understand when a job complexity charge would be applied to a project, please read through the example below:

Both Maria and Sam wish to have the same flooring installed in their respective 400 sq ft properties. Maria’s property is a square shape; whereas Sam’s property is a circle shape. To install 400 sq ft of vinyl plank flooring at Maria’s property our installer will spend 8 hours. The same installer will require twice that amount of time to install the same material into Sam’s property because of its circular shape.

The only difference is the shape of space, all else is exactly the same:

  • Square footage
  • Installer
  • Material

Since Sam’s property shape requires more time from the installer than Maria’s property shape, a job complexity charge is added to Sam’s flooring quote.


When is this charge applied?

We apply this charge in the following situations:

  • Narrow installation spaces
  • Excessive furniture or other obstacles in project area
  • Small project areas – kitchen, bathroom, laundry, corridor, etc. 
  • Non-standard shape areas (anything that is not a square)
  • Insufficient space to cut material at project site
  • Non-standard design properties – diagonal walls, round walls, etc. 
  • Greater than 6 corners per room 
  • Presence of columns, stairs, and other decorative or structural elements 

This list is not comprehensive. The Job Complexity charge is determined by the estimator based on their experience during the free flooring estimate.


How to decrease or avoid job complexity charge?

Unfortunately, there is no way to decrease or avoid a job complexity charge, since it is  based on the flooring installation experience of the estimator. 

The only thing you can do is ask the estimator for an explanation of which areas of the property require a job complexity charge, and exclude those areas from the installation plan.

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