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Viloor Spring Wood flooring in Spring Wood is a go-to choice for many of our clients. Its classic design never goes out of style. The wood grain layout brings a foresty feel to your feet


A classic wood floor is something that most people yearn for but are not keen on spending a lot of money on to acquire. With the Viloor Spring Wood 3045 Vinyl Plank Flooring, you can get a stylish floor with a realistic wood appearance without cleaning out your wallet to do so.

The Viloor Spring Wood 3045 Vinyl Plank Flooring is a high quality wood vinyl plank flooring option that focuses on durability, affordability and style in equal measure. The product is especially strong and ideal for placement in homes and offices that experience heavy foot traffic without taking on damage. The strength and resiliency of vinyl plank flooring makes it beneficial for use in homes that have children and pets, as there won’t be spots that wear down due to normal running and playing. This Viloor spring wood vinyl is also perfect for noisy homes whether that is from pets or other residents, thanks to a soundproof rating of IIC 72, helping to dampen the sounds of footfall and making the home a quieter, more relaxing place to be. The plank pieces each measure 5.5 millimeters in thickness, which also furthers its durability, while its waterproof nature helps stop any damage from muddy footprints, spills or other kinds of moisture.

Installing the Viloor Spring Wood 3045 Vinyl Plank Flooring is easy due to its simple and straightforward click in installation mechanism where you simply lay down the various pieces one after the other in no time at all. Each piece of this vinyl plank flooring measures seven inches in width, and with 10 total planks in each one of the boxes, you can cover a total of 23.32 square feet of flooring with each package you buy, helping to save more time in installing your new floor.

Additional information

Underlayment thickness

2 mm

Installation type




Commercial warranty

10 years

Plank width

7 inch

Planks in the box

10 planks

Residential warranty

20 years


IIC 72

Sq ft in the box

23.32 sq ft

Plank thickness

5.5 mm


100% waterproof

Wear layer

20 mil


Spring Wood


Viloor Flooring


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