Natural-looking oak vinyl plank flooring adds a sense of warmth and luxury to a home. Considered one of the best flooring Honolulu homeowners can invest in, it provides a much desired aesthetic. Highly durable and water-resistant, it is ideal for homes with lots of foot traffic.

However, that can often mean exposure to various kinds of dirt and damaging effects. With time you may find your shiny floor turning dull. So how can homeowners best maintain their oak luxury vinyl plank flooring?

Cleaning Tips for Oak Vinyl Planks
Like any other area, there should be a routine cleaning schedule. Form the habit of daily vacuuming or sweeping your flooring to remove light dust. Make use of a vacuum that can be used on hard surfaces. Use one purpose-built for vacuuming fur if you have a pet in the home.

This regular clean is vital to avoid dust particles rubbing too much against the finish of the floor. This can work like sandpaper causing slight yet gradually serious damage to your luxury vinyl plank oak.

Wiping down the floor weekly with water and a pH-neutral cleaner is ideal You can also use a mild general-purpose soap. This will get rid of footprints any other light stains. For the mop, choose one that is a microfiber and does not have a scrub brush attached.

This is a general suggestion, but you should also consider what the floor manufacturer or flooring store supplier recommends. Some will indicate the best cleaning products for their oak vinyl planks.

For deeper stains and scuffs, it is best to act immediately to clean the area. You can use diluted white spirit or ammonia on a damp cloth to remove this.
Do not steam clean your oak vinyl plank flooring. While quite hardy, you may end up causing serious damage to this kind of treatment.

May 01, 2021 — Borys Rasin

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