Waterproof vinyl plank flooring makes for a top choice thanks to its durable and waterproof core. This gives it a competitive edge over other flooring options. It is quite resistant and non-reactive to fluids. The waterproof vinyl planks however still manage to be quite comfortable to walk on, even barefoot.

This is further supported by a flexible foam or cork backing layer that adds a touch of softness. It also makes the flooring soundproof. This backing layer also eliminates the need for underlayment during installation.

From the top side, you get to see the printed layer of your waterproof vinyl tile. This is the visual aspect that makes an observer believe they are actually seeing wooden planks. Hyper-realistic, it is difficult to tell the difference by look alone. This is also the reason this option is considered the best flooring Honolulu homeowners will find anywhere. The tiles are given varied wood grain looks so when the waterproof vinyl plank flooring click together, it results in a highly authentic appearance.

And finally, at the very top is the wear layer. This protective layer sits atop the printed layer, protecting the rest of the tile from wear, tear, and accidents. It should be as thick as possible without distorting the impression that one is walking on genuine wood plank flooring.

This layer does not require waxing as with real wood floors. It can comfortably last for many years. And can easily be kept clean with regular sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping up with mild cleaners.

No matter the wood aesthetic you are looking for, a visit to the Flooring Store should give you ample variety to choose from. Waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring enables homeowners to enjoy the look and feel of a wood floor at a fraction of the cost. It is ideal for any area of the house including living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens.

May 03, 2021 — Borys Rasin

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