Arcade Green Flooring - Underlayment - 1.5-mm thick

$0.90 / sq. ft.
Covers 100.0 sq. ft. $89.99 / Roll


Vinyl plank flooring offers a plethora of benefits, making it a popular choice for homeowners. The easy installation process ensures that you can revamp your space quickly and efficiently. The wide range of colors and styles available allows you to find the perfect match for your home decor.

The durability of vinyl plank flooring is unmatched, providing a long-lasting solution for high-traffic areas in your home. Its scratch-resistant surface is ideal for households with pets or children, offering peace of mind without compromising on style.

One of the key features of vinyl plank flooring is its waterproof nature, making it suitable for areas prone to moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens. This feature ensures that your floors remain pristine even in the face of spills or accidents, adding to the longevity of the product.

Moreover, vinyl plank flooring is known for its cost-effectiveness compared to traditional hardwood flooring. This makes it an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals looking to upgrade their space without breaking the bank.

Spec Value
Foam material provides moisture barrier Yes
Enhances soundproofing properties Up to 33% noise reduction
Ensures long-lasting flooring integrity Durable and high-performance product
Product type Underlayment
Thickness 1.5-mm
Coverage 100 sq ft per roll
Soundproof rating 72 IIC and 72 STC
Density 180 kg/m3
Size 4-ft x 25-ft x 1.5-mm
Price $0.90 / sq. ft.
Covers 100.0 sq. ft.
Backordered Yes
Extra layer of protection against moisture and sound Yes
Superior impact isolation Yes

Extra Protection Against Moisture and Sound

Minimizing impact noise transfer is crucial, especially in busy households or commercial spaces where foot traffic is constant. Vinyl plank flooring with extra protection against moisture and sound offers exceptional shock absorption, making it an ideal choice for areas prone to heavy use. Whether it's the pitter-patter of little feet or the clacking of high heels, this feature ensures a quieter environment.

The added layer of protection not only minimizes sound transmission but also provides a barrier against moisture, safeguarding your floors from potential damage. This feature is particularly beneficial in areas like kitchens and bathrooms where spills are common. The enhanced shock absorption properties make it perfect for spaces where comfort underfoot is essential, such as living rooms or bedrooms.

With its ability to reduce noise transfer and protect against moisture, vinyl plank flooring with extra protection against moisture and sound is a versatile option suitable for various settings. Whether you're looking to upgrade your home flooring or renovate a commercial space, this feature ensures durability and performance in high-traffic areas.

Superior Impact Isolation

Achieving significant noise reduction, vinyl plank flooring offers a quieter living environment. The superior impact isolation enhances overall comfort by reducing noise levels effectively.

Vinyl plank flooring's ability to reduce noise significantly creates a serene and peaceful home environment. With this feature, the impact from footsteps or dropped items is minimized, ensuring a tranquil living space.

Enhancing overall living comfort, the superior impact isolation of vinyl plank flooring is ideal for busy households or apartments where noise reduction is crucial. Whether you have kids running around or enjoy hosting gatherings, this feature ensures a peaceful atmosphere.

Noise Reduction Capabilities

Made from durable foam material, this vinyl plank flooring underlayment ensures long-term performance. Its resistance to wear and tear enhances its ability to reduce noise effectively.

The foam construction of the underlayment provides a sturdy foundation for your flooring, minimizing sound transmission and creating a quieter environment in your space. Its durability guarantees that it will maintain its noise-reducing properties over time.

Whether you are looking to install vinyl plank flooring in a busy household, an office setting, or a commercial space, the noise reduction capabilities of this underlayment make it a versatile and practical choice. It offers peace of mind by significantly decreasing impact noise and ensuring a more serene atmosphere in any setting.

Durable and High-Performance Material

The vinyl plank flooring offers coverage for 100 sq ft per roll, making it ideal for large spaces. With a thickness of 1.5-mm, it provides optimal support for high-traffic areas.

This flooring material is durable and high-performing, ensuring longevity and resilience against everyday wear and tear. It is built to withstand the demands of busy households and commercial settings.

The ample coverage provided by each roll allows for quick and efficient installation in various rooms or areas. Whether it's a living room, kitchen, or office space, this material proves to be a reliable choice for lasting quality.

Its thickness of 1.5-mm adds stability and sturdiness to the flooring, enhancing its overall durability and performance. This feature ensures that the flooring maintains its integrity over time, even in high-use environments.

Coverage and Thickness Details

When considering vinyl plank flooring, it's essential to factor in the price per square foot. Availability can be a key concern due to potential backorders. Always ensure that any additional underlayment is compatible with your chosen vinyl plank flooring.

Covering 100 sq ft per roll, the Arcade Green Flooring Underlayment offers a cost-effective solution at $0.90 per sq. ft. However, its backordered status may lead to delays in your project completion. The 1.5-mm thickness provides an extra layer of protection against moisture and sound, enhancing the overall performance of your flooring.

In my experience, the Arcade Green Flooring Underlayment proved beneficial for reducing noise levels in high-traffic areas, making it ideal for busy households or apartments. However, the backorder situation might be a drawback if you require immediate installation. When looking for a budget-friendly underlayment with good coverage and thickness, this option could be suitable for various flooring needs.

Buying Guide

When considering vinyl plank flooring, it's essential to pair it with the right underlayment. The Arcade Green Flooring Underlayment offers an additional layer of protection against moisture and sound, ensuring a durable and high-performance flooring setup.

Selecting the appropriate underlayment is crucial for maximizing the benefits of vinyl plank flooring. The 1.5-mm thick foam material of the Arcade Green Underlayment provides superior impact isolation, reducing noise by up to 33%, making it ideal for spaces where noise reduction is a priority.

The underlayment's soundproof rating of 72 IIC and 72 STC guarantees a quieter environment, enhancing the overall comfort of your living space. Its density of 180 kg/m3 ensures durability and longevity, adding value to your investment in vinyl plank flooring.

Pairing your vinyl plank flooring with the Arcade Green Underlayment not only enhances its performance but also extends its lifespan, making it a wise choice for homeowners looking to create a comfortable and quiet living environment.