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The substantial 20mil wear layer of the Island Palm Cali Collection vinyl plank flooring ensures durability against heavy traffic and pets, making it ideal for busy households. The attached acoustic padding minimizes noise from footsteps, providing a quieter living environment.

The robust SPC core offers waterproof properties, making cleaning a breeze and enhancing the floor's longevity. Moreover, the FloorScore certification guarantees a safe and toxin-free indoor space for families and pets. The rapid click-lock groove system facilitates easy DIY installations, perfect for those looking to upgrade their floors without professional help.

For me, the integrated underlayment pad added a touch of luxury to my space, while the 50-year residential warranty provided peace of mind for long-term use. This flooring is versatile and suitable for various areas like kitchens, bathrooms, kids' rooms, and basements, offering comfort and durability in every corner of your home.

Specification Value
Resilient against heavy traffic and large pets Yes
Long-lasting protection for high-traffic areas Yes
Superior durability for longevity Yes
Attached acoustic padding Yes
Robust SPC core Yes
Waterproof Yes
Easy-to-clean Yes
Attached pad/cushion Yes
FloorScore certification Yes
Chemical-free crafting Yes
Planks per carton 10 planks
Coverage per box 23.77 sq ft
Dimensions 48”L x 7-1/8”W x 3/16" thick
Installation DIY floating or glue-down with click-lock groove system
Warranty 50-year residential/15-year commercial warranty
Backorder status Will ship when back in stock
Suitable for Kitchens, bathrooms, kids’ rooms, basements
Integrated underlayment pad Yes
Lightweight Yes

20mil Wear Layer for Enhanced Durability

  • Quieter footsteps with integrated padding

  • Enhanced sound insulation for peaceful environments

  • Reduced noise levels for added comfort

Acoustic Padding for Noise Reduction

  • The waterproof properties make it ideal for wet areas like bathrooms.

  • Cleaning is a breeze with an easy-to-clean surface that requires minimal maintenance.

  • The robust core ensures moisture resistance, adding to the longevity of the flooring.

The attached acoustic padding not only reduces noise levels but also provides a comfortable feel underfoot. It's perfect for creating a peaceful ambiance in any room, especially bedrooms or living spaces where noise reduction is essential. The integrated underlayment pad enhances the overall luxury and comfort, making it a great choice for areas where relaxation is key.

Whether you have a busy household with kids and pets or seek a serene retreat in your home office, the acoustic padding in this vinyl plank flooring offers versatility to suit various needs. Its noise-reducing properties make it an excellent option for high-traffic areas, ensuring a quieter environment for all occupants.

Waterproof SPC Core

Creating a toxin-free environment is crucial, especially for homes with children and pets. Opting for waterproof SPC core flooring ensures a health-conscious choice for indoor air quality, making it safe for various settings like hospitals.

The robust SPC core not only provides durability but also offers easy maintenance, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. Its waterproof properties make cleaning spills a breeze, ensuring a worry-free experience in kitchens and bathrooms.

Choosing flooring with FloorScore certification guarantees that harmful chemicals are absent, promoting a safer living space overall. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory sensitivities or allergies, as it helps maintain better indoor air quality.

FloorScore Certification for Health and Safety

  • DIY-friendly installation with rapid click-lock system

  • Effortless floating or glue-down installation

  • Quick and easy setup for convenience

Choosing flooring that prioritizes health and safety is paramount. The FloorScore certification ensures a toxin-free environment, ideal for homes, hospitals, and spaces frequented by children and pets. This certification guarantees that the flooring is crafted without harmful chemicals, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

The DIY-friendly installation process with the rapid click-lock system makes it a breeze to set up. Whether you opt for floating or glue-down installation, the process is effortless, saving you time and effort. The quick and easy setup adds convenience to your home improvement project, allowing you to enjoy your new floors sooner rather than later.

Easy Installation with Click-Lock System

Vinyl plank flooring with a click-lock system is a breeze to install, making it a perfect choice for various spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, kids’ rooms, and basements. Its lightweight nature simplifies handling during the installation process. Plus, the long warranty provides peace of mind knowing your floors are covered.

When I installed this flooring in my kitchen, I was impressed by how easy and quick the process was. The click-lock system ensured a secure fit without the need for messy glues or adhesives. In high-traffic areas like my basement, the vinyl plank flooring held up exceptionally well, proving its durability against constant use.

Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a first-time floor installer, the click-lock system on this vinyl plank flooring offers simplicity and efficiency. It's an ideal option for those looking to upgrade their floors without the hassle of complicated installation methods.

Buying Guide

When considering vinyl plank flooring, it’s crucial to pay attention to its specifications. Look for a substantial wear layer that can withstand heavy traffic and pets without showing signs of wear and tear.

The attached acoustic padding is essential for reducing noise levels, making it ideal for homes with active families or individuals who prefer a quieter environment.

A robust SPC core ensures waterproof properties, making maintenance a breeze and providing peace of mind in areas prone to spills or moisture.

The presence of FloorScore certification guarantees a safe and toxin-free environment, perfect for homes with children or individuals with sensitivities to chemicals.

Crafted without harmful chemicals, this flooring option is not only durable but also safe for use in various settings, including hospitals and pet-friendly spaces.

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