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Inception 200: Unmatched Elegance, Unparalleled Performance

Overview: Inception 200 stands at the pinnacle of SPC flooring, embodying a perfect fusion of exquisite design and superior functionality. With a substantial 20 mil wear layer, cutting-edge technology, and thoughtful features, this floor is not just a choice; it's a statement. Explore the details that make Inception 200 the epitome of beauty and resilience.

Key Features:

  1. Total Thickness:

    • Thickness: 5.2 mm
    • Sturdy Build: A robust composition that ensures durability and stability.
  2. Size:

    • Dimensions: 8.66" x 59.45"
    • Extended Plank Size: Larger planks create a sense of expansiveness, perfect for modern spaces.
  3. Wear Layer:

    • Thickness: 20 mil
    • Premium Protection: The 20 mil wear layer ensures longevity, making it suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.
  4. Edge Detail:

    • Type: Accent Bevel
    • Subtle Bevel: Accent bevels provide a touch of sophistication while ensuring a smooth transition between planks.
  5. Emboss:

    • Type: Natural Timber
    • Authentic Texture: Deep embossing mimics the natural texture of timber, adding a lifelike dimension to the flooring.
  6. Sq. Ft. / Carton:

    • Coverage: 21.45 sq. ft.
    • Optimal Coverage: Efficient carton coverage for various room sizes and layouts.
  7. Surface Finish:

    • FX2 Surface Protectant: A proprietary surface protectant that offers exceptional abrasion resistance and superior stain repellency, keeping the floor looking pristine.
  8. Installation:

    • Type: Floating
    • Ease of Installation: Floating installation simplifies the process, making it suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  9. Underlayment:

    • HDPE Underlayment: The attached HDPE underlayment not only enhances comfort underfoot but also provides sound absorption, creating a quieter indoor environment.
  10. Warranty:

    • Lifetime Residential Warranty: Reflects confidence in the floor's enduring performance in residential settings.
    • 15 Year Commercial Warranty: Assures longevity and durability in commercial applications.

Conclusion: Inception 200 is more than just a floor; it's a testament to uncompromising quality and style. With trend-setting designs, unmatched durability, and thoughtful features, it transforms spaces into showcases of elegance and resilience. Elevate your environment with Inception 200, where aesthetics meet endurance, and every step is a statement of sophistication.

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