Mannington - MR-101 - Wall Base Adhesive



Mannington Mr-101 Wall Base Adhesive is a premium solvent-free adhesive with aggressive wet suction to grip rubber and vinyl wall base. MR-101 can be used over most interior wall surfaces with the exception of vinyl wall covering and other similar non-porous surfaces that prevent the curing of any latex-based adhesive.


  1. Adhesive, wall base and job site must be conditioned at 65° - 80°F for 48 hours before and after installation.
  2. Use only on structurally sound surfaces, drywall, concrete block, brick, plywood, paneling, masonry, plaster, etc.
  3. Apply to surfaces that are clean, dry, and free from dust, wax, and grease. Remove loose paint, plaster, old adhesive and other contaminates that would interfere with adhesion.
  4. Cement or plaster must be thoroughly seasoned and dry.
  5. Wrapped base or rolled base should lay flat for 24 hours before application.
  6. With a 1/8" square or V-notched spreader, spread on the back of the base or wall surface.
  7. Press the base firmly into place immediately after the application of the adhesive.