Pliteq - GenieMat - RST05 - underlayment - sound control

By Pliteq

Pliteq - GenieMat - RST05 - underlayment - sound control is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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Pliteq GenieMat RST05 sound control underlayment is a unique product that is designed to improve the soundproof properties of the flooring and is engineered for direct glue down of floorings such as vinyl, tile, wood, and stone.
Reduction of Impact sound pressure level (ASTM E492/E2179) GenieMat RST05 tested over a 6" concrete slab with 12" x 12" ceramic tile, no ceiling IIC50, and ΔIIC 20 dB. Natural frequency - shall not be greater than 70 Hz @ 400 psf loading. 
  • Brand: Pliteq
  • Product: GenieMat
  • Model: RST05
  • Product type: soundproof underlayment
  • Width: 4 ln ft
  • Length: 30 ln ft
  • Thickness: 3/16-in (nom. 5 mm)
  • Density: shall be > 1000 kg/m3
  • Rolls per pallet: 16 rolls

Most multi-family housing, high-rises, and commercial buildings require this product to have a better soundproof and to protect porcelain, ceramic tile, and stone from substrate cracks.