Viloor Cherry Rustic Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

By Viloor

Viloor Cherry Rustic flooring in Cherry Rustic also available in a reddish, grainy color. A lovely blend of checkered-style plank prints. Looks great in any setting with dark or bright furniture. If you are looking for cherry vinyl plank flooring this is a product to go with.
  • Viloor brand
  • Color Cherry Rustic
  • 25-years residential warranty and 10-years commercial warranty
  • Floating click-in installation type
  • 100% waterproof
  • IIC 72 soundproof rating
  • 7.0 mm total plank thickness
  • 20 mil (or 0.50 mm) wear layer
  • 2.0 mm attached underlayment
  • 4.5 mm Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) core
  • 7-inch plank width and 48-inch plank length
  • 8 planks per box cover 18.90 sq ft
  • 45-lbs box weight

Beautiful cherry wood flooring is something that is loved and coveted by many for its rich, warm tones and ability to cozy up any room. With the Viloor Cherry Rustic 2356 Vinyl Plank Flooring, you can get all of the classic charms of this type of wooden flooring with half the hassle at a fraction of the price.

Crafted using only the finest quality vinyl, this cherry vinyl plank flooring is a gorgeous way to give you the look and the durability of authentic wood without having to break the bank to do so. Each piece of this vinyl measures 5.5 millimeters thick, reinforcing its design and ensuring that it is thick and sturdy through and through. Its strength allows it to easily undergo plenty of foot traffic without taking on signs of wear or tear or ever-weakening beneath the foot while also giving it a sturdy and strong feel. This cherry flooring also features noise-reducing properties that help dampen the sound of a footfall, making it so any home with pets or children is quieter throughout. The flooring is waterproof by design, meaning no amount of spills, rainwater, or muddy footprints tracked indoors will weather or damage it.

The Viloor Cherry Rustic 2356 Vinyl Plank Flooring is quite simple to install, thanks to the click-in mechanism that lets you push the pieces into place in seconds, significantly reducing the amount of time that you spend installing your new cherry flooring. In each box, there are 10 total planks, and each one measures seven inches in width. With each package you purchase, you will be able to cover as much as 23.32 square feet of space at one time, letting you cover more ground in less time so you can end up with the floors you love in half the time.

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